The White Battalion

The White Battalion is where all members of the Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment ‘transfer to’ when they move on from this earthly plane of existence. The Battle Honours won in WWII cost The Regiment 342 members killed in action or died of wounds. May they all rest in peace and their efforts always be remembered.
Lest We Forget. . .

Nominal roll of The White Battalion

Nominal roll of The White Battalion
The Officers
Lt. Douglas T Anderson

Major Alexander R Campbell

Capt. Oscar W Christiansen

Capt. Maurice H B Cockin

Capt. Brover W Dennis

Capt. George C E Dinwiddie

Lt. Russel G Douglas

Lt. George W Hopper

Lt. William L M. King

Lt. Douglas L Laird

Lt. James A Lord

Lt. Charles W Macdonald

Major Douglas Macdonald

Capt. Bernard D Madden

Lt. Peter McGovern

LCol. Bruce A Sutcliffe

Lt. Gerald W Swale

Capt. Frederick Thompson

Lt. Charles W Tompkins

Capt. Donald E Weese

Lt. William W White

Capt. Donald B Whytock

Capt. Leslie M Yates

The Men
Sgt. Archibald Agnew

Pte. Kenneth D Allan

Pte Jerome H Allore

Pte. Robert A Allt

Pte. Donald V Anderson

Pte. Harold A Arnold

L/Cpl. Reuben A Ash

Pte. Thomas Atkinson

Pte. Donald E Badour

Pte. Clarence A Baltzer

Pte. Arnold F Barker

Pte. William P Barron

Pte. James H Beatty

Pte. Aldona Beauregard

Pte. Charles P Bedborough

Pte. Ross H Beech

Pte. William H Beecher

Pte. Arthur G Bell

Cpl. Arthur R Bensley

Pte. George Bernell

Pte. William R Berry

Pte. John E Bertrand

Pte. William Edgar Best

Pte. Wilfred J Bibby

Pte. Ernest R Biette

Pte. Francis J Black

Pte. Raymond P Bland

Pte. Patrick P Blemkie

Pte. Thomas L G Bloom

Pte. Ariel Booth

Pte. Wilfred Boudreau

Pte. Harold J Boyle

Cpl. Huron E Brant

Pte. Kenneth Brant

L/Cpl. Lloyd E Brant

Pte. Austin J Brennan

Sgt Harry C Brott

Pte. Herbert P Brown

Pte. Ralph Brown

Pte. Earl H Brunton

Pte. George Bullen

Cpl. Cecil R Bullied

Pte. Arnold N R Burfield

Pte. Herbert F Bush

Pte Victor W Caban

Pte. Thomas R Cameron

Pte. Glen R Campbell

L/Cpl. Lionel G Campbell

Pte. William H campbell

Pte. Bernard E Cassibo

Pte. George D Caswell

Pte. John J Chapman

Pte. Eric Cheetham

Pte. George H Christie

Sgt. James Clancy

Cpl. David A Clark

Cpl. Alfred W Clements

Cpl. Keith C CLose

Pte. Harold Cochrane

Pte. Cyril P Coghlan

Pte. Kenneth E Conner

Pte. John E Conroy

Pte. Vernon J Cooper

Cpl. Walter F Cork

Pte. Lorne H Covell

Cpl. James Craik

Pte. Donald L Crawford

Pte. Gordon A Crosbie

Sgt. Vernon Davis

Pte. Frank Delutis

Pte. Harold E Degeer

Sgt. Percy P Desjardins

Cpl. Alphe J Desmarais

Pte. Alexander Devitt

Pte. Vincent Di Falco

Pte. James W M Dillon

Pte. Carl M Doonan

Pte. Albert Douglas

Pte. Leanard A Dow

Sgt. Wilfred P Ducharme

L/Cpl. John A Dufresne

Cpl. Ross J Duggan

Pte. Wallace R Duncan

Pte. Charles W Dunn

Pte Gilbert J Dusome

Pte. Norman D Dwyer

Cpl. Isacc S Eckford

Pte. Melvin E Edmunds

Pte Albert E Elder

Pte. ArmandA Ethier

Pte. John J Farrer

Pte, John W Fewster

Cpl. Elwood Finton

Pte. Elmer Fisher

Pte. Michael P Flyn

L/Cpl. James A Forddred

Pte. George Forest

L/Cpl. Michael O Fortier

Pte. Cecil B Foster

Pte. Eugene Foubert

Pte. Gordon S Fox

Pte. Melvin G France

Pte. Percy A N A Freeburn

L/Cpl John Frolis

Pte. Andrew Furto

Pte. Cecil W Gallinger

Pte. Walter D Gardner

Pte. John B Genereaux

Pte. Gordon C Gibb

L/Cpl. John J Gillan

Pte. Dillon T Goulden

Pte. Ray S Graham

L/Sgt Harry Grant

L/Sgt. Thomas A Graves

L/Cpl. Gordon Green

L/Cpl Howard K Green

Pte. Kenneth R Green

Pte. John W Hansey

L/Cpl. Edwin A G Hanson

Pte. William F Harvey

Pte. Raymond E Hay

L/Cpl. William J Hazleton

Pte. John M Heintzman

Pte. Cecil J Henderson

Cpl. Andrew H Herron

Pte. Hartley A E Hie

Pte. William C Hogan

Sgt. George E Hollingsworth

Pte Baxter Hoyles

Pte. Francis M Huish

Pte. George J Ivison

Pte. Erwin A Jacksons

Pte. Gerald L James

Pte. Stanley James

Pte. William J Jamieson

L/Sgt. Ernest Johnson

Pte. George E Johnson

Pte. Claude L Juby

Cpl. John H Kearney

Pte. Lee Keech

Pte. Wilmot B Kemp

Pte. George M Kennedy

Pte. Edward Kenyon

Pte. Charles T Kidd

Cpl. Clifforf H Kimmel

Pte. Calvin Kinnear

Cpl. Harold M Kippen

Pte. Edward Kirkey

Pte. William Kokot

Pte. Solomoin Koloyian

Pte. Rolland Laferte

pte. Neil Lafranier

Pte. David W Lalonde

Pte. Floyd R Lambier

Pte. David F Latten

Pte. Reginald Lawrence

L/Sgt. Harold W Lawson

Pte. Edgar Leach

L/Cpl. Tom Leatherbarrow

Pte. Gordon Leavitt

Pte. Honore Leblanc

Pte. Rheo B Leblanc

Pte. Charles J Legacy

Cpl. Charles D Lloyd

Pte. Alfred K Long

Pte. Bruce Luard

Pte. Robert S MacFarlane

Pte. Eric J MacLellan

Cpl. Alfred J Maddick

Pte. Philip A Haher

Pte. Alexander Mahood

L/Cpl. Harold L Maier

L/Cpl. Merlin J Manson

Pte. Lawrence Martell

PteWilliam H Martinsen

Pte. Percy H Martyn

L/Sgt. John A Matthew

Pte. George A May

Cpl. John May

Pte. Malcolm G McBain

Pte. Gilmore D McCabe

Pte. Francis J McCluskey

Pte. Alfred B McConnel

Pte. Richard I McConnell

L/Cpl. Cecil E McCormick

Pte. James McDonnell

Pte. Leonard D McDonough

Pte. Leslie McDowell

Pte. John J McGinty

Pte. Donald P McIvor

L/Cpl. James A McKay

L/Cpl. Reginald N McKay

Pte. Edward McKeen

Pte. Patrick McKenna

Pte. Donald F McKenzie

Pte. Jack W McKenzie

Pte. John W McKoy

Pte. Clarke E McMurray

Pte. Sodie A J Mensour

Pte. Bruce A Menzies

Pte. William J J Merpaw

Pte. Gordon Molyneau

Pte. Neville E Morrice

Pte. Donald H Morrison

L/Cpl. Gordon Munro

Sgt. Alec Murray

Pte. Roland Nahwegezhic

Pte. Ferdinand L Nash

Pte. John J Nash

Pte. Charles N Neidrauer

L/Sgt. Walter C Nesbitt

Pte. Patrick J Normoyle

C.S.M. Charles F R Nutley

Pte. Robert T O’Gorman

L/Cpl. Frank K Oldfield

Pte. Kenneth O Omeara

Sgt. Herbert Osborn

Pte. Gordon E Ott

Pte. James A Owens

L/Sgt. Donald A Palmateer

Pte. Edgar W H Parent

L/Cpl. Donald F Parr

Cpl. Frederick G Peliti

L/Cpl. Thomas Pemberton

Pte. Victor T Peters

L/Cpl. Frederick J Pettit

Pte. Ivan R Pindar

Pte. Lloyd Pitt

Cpl. Alfred T Platt

Pte. Joseph Ploschansky

Pte. Thomas K Pomeroy

Sgt. Earl A Potts

Pte. Albert J Prisner

Cpl. Earl H Pruner

Pte. Earnest J Pullen

Cpl. Frederick E Punchard

Cpl. William F Pyette

Cpl. Wallace Raynor

Sgt. Charles J Read

Pte. Ernest Reed

Pte. Frederick J Richardson

L/Sgt. Leslie J Richardson

Pte. William Robinson

L/Cpl. Clifford F Rodgers

Cpl. Basil G Rorabeck

Pte. Frank O Rowden

Pte. Joseph Rowland

Pte. Kenneth H Royan

Pte. William Runions

Sgt. John R Runnells

Pte. Wilfrid W Rutledge

Cpl. Douglas Ruttan

Pte. John C Saarimaki

L/Cpl. Bernard Sanders

Pte. Rupert Sapsworth

Pte. Samuel Scali

Pte. William Scaplehorn

Pte. Ronald F Schroeder

Pte. Wilfrid Scott

Pte. Raymond R Sexsmith

Cpl. Robert Sexton

Pte. Jacob Seymour

Pte. Glenn M Sheehey

Pte. Ervin Shorts

Pte. Robert V Smallwood

Pte. Douglas L Smith

Cpl. George C Smith

Pte. Harold G Smith

Pte. Ronald F Smith

Cpl. Stanley H B Smith

Pte. Earl Springett

Pte. James M Staats

Pte. Gordon Stephens

Cpl. Gordon E Stire

Pte. Alvin J Stoneburgh

Pte. Edgar J Sullivan

Pte. Walter Szewczuk

Pte. John M Tasse

Pte. Herbert J Taylor

Pte. John R Taylor

Pte. Andrew H Thomas

Pte. Donald F Thomas

Cpl. Alexander Thompson

Sgt. Bernard B Thompson

Pte. Edward W Thompson

Pte. Orville B Thompson

Pte. Laurie A Tibbetts

Pte. Raymond Towns

Pte. Peter A Tucker

Pte. Norman D Tysick

Pte. Robert M Umpherville

Sgt. Marcel O Van Hende

Pte. Henry M Van Horlick

Pte. Clarence N Vickery

Pte. Jack Waghorn

Pte. Frederick S Walker

L/Cpl. William Wall

Pte. Henry B Ward

Pte. Samuel Way

Pte. John G P Wellington

Cpl. Chester W Welsh

Pte. Joseph H Weymark

Pte. Theodore Whalen

Pte. Morris D White

Sgt. John H Whittington

Pte. Graham G Wigglesworth

Pte. Russell Wilkinson

Pte. James E Willis

Pte. Crother H Wilson

Pte. Lone Wolinsky

Pte. Robert E Woodward

Pte. Alfred L Wright

Cpl. Robert J Wright

Pte. Kenneth M Wyse

Captain Charles Krakauer

Cfn. Harry O’Neil

Pte. George Smyth