The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment

Welcome to the website of The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment. A Regiment that can officially trace it lineage back to 1863 and unofficially, its roots back to the War of 1812. A regiment that has seen literally thousands and thousands of Canadian men and women from every walk of life serve Canada in both peace and in war. A regiment that has fought in every major engagement Canada has been involved in even before confederation. A Regiment that has been awarded forty two Battle Honours and a Regiment that won more Battle Honours than any other Canadian Regiment in World War II. A Regiment strong in history and tradition and a Regiment that continues to serve three garrisons strong throughout southeastern Ontario.


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At his retirement dinner as our Honourary Colonel in May of 1981, wartime RSM and former Commanding Officer Angus Duffy summed up the sentiment of all when he said “I’d rather have the praise of the people in The Regiment than have won or received and recognition that the world can give. I love my country and I serve it in The Regiment. To serve is to know discipline and be a leader and a good comrade. So that is what I am – a very ordinary person. Duty and honour and discipline give life a meaning. There is no greater honour I’d rather have than to be called a Hasty P.


The History of The Regiment

The United Empire Loyalists who settled in the county of Hastings and Prince Edward organized the first local Militia units for self-defence. The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment is the modern descendant of those Militia units.

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