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Plough-Jockey magazine is published twice a year; in the spring and in the fall. Regimental activities and histories are published as well as articles on Canadian defence in general. We now have an online version - view Plough-Jockey online.

The name 'Plough-Jockey' came from World War II when the RCR, Hasty P's, and 48th Highlanders formed the first brigade. Members of the Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment were referred to as 'Plough-Jockeys' because of their rural roots. Many Hasty P's joined the Regiment straight off the farm and didn't find the nickname insulting. They adopted it and the Regimental association's tabloid for years after the war was titled 'The Plough-Jockey'. The first part 'the Regiment' comes from Farley Mowat's book on the unit's World War II history by that name.

For more details read article on White Battalion

The Regimental Prayer
Please God, give me
Courage to do my duty,
Endurance to keep on doing my duty
Generosity that I may not reckon the cost of doing my duty.
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HRH Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex visits the Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment - June 2005
The Regiment was honoured to be visited by HRH Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex on June 4 and 5, 2005. A busy schedule of events included a reception, visiting with the members of the Regiment, a review of the Hasty P Cadet Corps, and a field exercise with the Regiment on Sunday.
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Drum Beat II - March 2004
This year's '402 Training Group' spring exercise took place March 26, 27, and 28 at Fort Drum, U.S.A. The focus of this exercise was OBUA (or FIBUA as it was once known). OBUA stands for Operations in Built Up Areas and Fort Drum has an ideal location for this purpose consisting of multiple story buildings with a variety of design styles and even an underground section.

The U.S. military was as hospitable as always to their northern visitors as they made all their facilities available and even provided a very active and competent enemy force. The Exercise was attended by Honorary Colonel T. Bata, who toured admin and OBUA practice areas.
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Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment Battlefield Tour
On May 31 The Regiment visited Fort Wellington and Crysler's farm where the last serious American attempt to invade Canada was frustrated by an outnumbered mixed force in one of the only 'open field' European style battles fought by Canada and the fledging United States of America.

On the Canadian side was a mixed army of British regulars augmented by Voltigeurs, Canadian Fencibles, about 30 Mohawk Indians, the Dundas County Militia, and 3 guns; all led by LCol Joseph W Morrison. The American force consisted of about 4000 poorly trained troops suffering from hunger and cold led by General Brown.

On the morning of November 11, Morrison sent skirmishers to scout and harass the American camp. In response, General Boyd deployed his two brigades in the fields of John Crysler's farm and met Morrison's main body. After a see-saw battle, Boyd attempted to attack Morrison's flank with dragoons and was soundly repulsed. This demoralizing turn of events caused the Americans to lose heart and they retreated from the field. The loss of this battle combined with a resounding defeat dealt to General Hampton at the battle of Chateaugay spelled the end of American hopes to take Canada quickly.
After listening to the history lecture at the Crysler Memorial Building,
the Regiment viewed the Cenotaph and Major Cossar laid a wreath.
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For more information about the Battle of Crysler's Farm visit
The Friends of Crysler's Farm Battlefield Memorial Web site.

Special Feature: Photographs of RSMs of the Regiment

The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment
May 2003

The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment Pipe Band
This photograph was taken at the Freedom of the City of Trenton Parade - 2003

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