The Commanding Officer of The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment

LCol Comeau - Bio

LCol Comeau joined the military as an OCdt on 14 Dec 1987. His Employment history within his artillery career has been extensive, first cutting his teeth as a troop commander in H BATTERY, 3RCHA, from 1989-1991. Moving onwards and upwards he was then posted and employed as a FOO with the Airborne Regiment from 91-93. He was next employed for a short stint working for the Director of Individual Training at NDHQ from 93-94, purchasing training aids for the Army. He was subsequently posted to the Artillery School where he completed his IG course and instructed in that capacity from 94-96. He was sent back west to Shilo as the 1RCHA BK and Ops O from 1996-2000. From 2000-2003 he studied in Kingston where he completed one year of French training, finished his degree at RMC, and completed what we now call AOC.  He was then posted back west to Edmonton where he worked at HQ 1 CMBG both in the G3 and G1 Shop from 2003 to 2005. From 2005 to 2007 he was then posted back to 1RCHA as the BC of C Battery. Heading back to Edmonton in 2007-2009 he was posted to 3 PPCLI where he was the senor operations advisor for the 1CMBG generated Operational Mentor and Liaison Team (OMLT) for TF 1-08.  Upon completion in Jan 09, he was then posted back to Kingston to LFDTS.  He was responsible for analyzing, developing and coordinating pre-deployment training for Canada’s OMLT commitment to OP Athena. Shifting gears once again within LFDTS he moved into the Collective Training section from 2011-2013. His last run in the regular force was working at 10th Mountain Div HQ and G5 Maneuvre/ fires planner SFA Coord where he was responsible to the Commanding General for maneuver and fires planning for a US Army division comprised of  more than 21,0000 soldiers in 6 Brigades.

His Operational deployments consist of Op Deliverance Somalia 1992, UNSCOM Iraq 1996, Op Palladium Bosnia 1997, Op Athena Kandahar 2008, Op Enduring Freedom Kandahar 2011, and Op Enduring Freedom Bagram. Between 2010-2015 he was awarded 2 X CDS Commendations as well as the US Army Bronze Star and the US Meritorious Service Medal.

LCol  Comeau has now officially left the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, but it was only to move on to bigger and better things. He will remain in Kingston, Ontario, with his two children Reegan and Avery. He has been appointed Commanding Officer of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment commencing 3 March 2016. He is currently doing contract work for a US security company, focusing on Security Force Capacity Building, Counterinsurgency and Stability operations worldwide. He also dabbles in Class B employment at PSTC.