Regimental Prayer Before Battle

Composed by Major Alex Campbell and found on his person
after he had been KIA 25 December 1943, Moro River, Italy

When ‘neath the rumble of the guns,
I lead my men against the Huns,
Tis then I feel so alone and weak and scared,
An oft I wonder how I dared,
Accept the task of leading men.

I wonder, worry, fret and then I pray,
Oh God! Who promised oft’,
To humble men a listening ear,
Now in my spirit’s troubled state,
Draw near, dear God, draw near, draw near.

Make me more willing to obey,
Help me to merit my command,
And if this be my fatal day,
Reach out, Oh God, Thy Guiding Hand,
And lead me down that deep, dark vale.

These men of mine must never know,
How much afraid I really am,
Help me to lead them in the fight,
So they will say, “He was a man.”

Regimental Prayers

Please God, give me
Courage to do my duty,
Endurance to keep on doing my duty
Generosity that I may not reckon the cost of doing my duty

Agira Canadian War Cemetery, Aira, Sicily