The first issue of a Regimental newsletter was published in April 1947 and was simply called the News- Bulletin. The Editor was legendary WWII Padre, Fred Goforth. The second edition came out in September 1947 and it was now called The Plough-Jockey (note spelling) on a suggestion by Herb Long of Port Hope. Ken Smith was the Assistant Editor and in May 1949, he became the Editor a position he would hold until the August 1957 issue when Basil Smith followed in his footsteps. Basil remained with the Plough-Jockey until 1990 when he joined the White Battalion. Bill Vallance followed Basil and edited the Plough-Jockey until August of 1993. After a brief lull, Don Kernaghan took over as Editor in 1994 and was the Editor until 2013 when Skip Simpson took on the role. Thanks to these Hasty Ps who have published the Plough-Jockey and Journal for these many years. Paratus.