Pipe Band


Although there don’t seem to be any written records on the history of the Pipe Band it seems that the meetings started in late 1979 discussing the formation of a Pipe Band, and the band appears to have been officially formed in January 1980 and is based in the Peterborough Armoury. The Band wears the Black Watch tartan with  CF Uniform and proudly wears the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment Cap Badge and displays Regimental Crest and Battle Honours on the drums.

The band has 24 uniformed members which is broken down into 16 Pipers including Pipe Major Bob Stewart who has been with the band since its formation, 7 drummers, and Drum Major Sam Johnston. There are 2 current members of the Pipe Band that were with the band at its formation, Pipe Major Bob Stewart and Pipe Sgt. Bob Thomson. There are also a number of students who are taught either Piping or Drumming on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Peterborough Armoury and at the present time there are 4 current members who are either Army Cadets or Air Cadets.

While the  band is not on strength with the Regiment, it is recognised within the Regiment as  an Affiliated Band and all members are volunteers, although some members have previously served with Reserve  units. The band plays at any official Regimental functions such as Change of Command, Remembrance Day, Pachino Day and the Reunion, the band has also played for the 2672 Cadet Corps Annual Inspections and Change of Command.

The band held a successful fundraising Robbie Burns Dinner and Dance on January 22 2011 which had approximately 180 attendees and it is hoped that this will become an annual event with increasing attendees each year.

The band would like to invite all members of the Regimental Family to come out to any of our engagements and support their band and meet and chat with the members in order that we can provide information on how the band functions and advise you of upcoming engagements.