The Regimental Museum

Hours of Operation: Tuesdays from 1300 to 1600 hours only or by appointment

Museum report

Our Museum has undergone some exciting changes in the last while. The long
climb up to the old location is a thing of the past. We have moved into two
rooms on the main floor of the Belleville Armoury. These two
new rooms have been painted and new carpeting installed. A
priority now is to make the rooms wheelchair accessible. A
third room has been allocated for the use of the museum. When
it is handed over, it will be used to display weapons and to house a
museum gift shop. A welcome gift in the form of display
cabinets came from the Royal Canadian Mint. Our thanks to the
Mint for this gift.

One of our many uniforms on display.
1912 Pattern saddle used in France, 1917 From the Vanderwater collection

We especially need the following items to make our museum more complete:

  • 16th P. E. cap badges and/or collar dogs. (We have none)
  • Boer War material (We have nothing at all)
  • Webbing of any issue is welcomed.

We request:

‘War/Military’ related books for resaleĀ (for donation to the military gift shop).

We need:

a mechanic’s wheeled tool chest, tool-carrying tray and some power/hand-tools.
Other items needed include:
Uniforms, Photos, Badges, Webbing, Equipment, Documents, Diaries, Etc.


Your Donations will be deeply appreciated and tax receipts are issued if requested.

The Museum accepts, with gratitude, donations of memorabilia dealing with The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment or its predecessors. We also accept military weaponry from any Canadian historical period.