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NameHarold Jones

Entry DateJuly 3, 2017


Looking forward to the July 10 service at the Armory in Belleville. After 38 years I finally joined the Regimental Association. Hoping to see some old mates

NameCindy Burt

Entry DateJune 24, 2017


Looking forward to meeting and renewing friends.. Vets and everyone at Sicily Day. I am proud to be a member of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regimental Association and to follow in Dad's foot steps

NameRoger Jackson

Entry DateJune 20, 2017


Missing my old comrades from C company, Peterborough 1985-87

Namecindy Burt

Entry DateJune 6, 2017


My Condolences to Ivan Gunter's Family. He was a fine Infantry man and a fine human being. He will always be remembered. A job well done my friend and Rest In Peace

Cindy Burt Hastings and Prince Edward Regimental Association and Daughter of LCpl G. Burt, of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment

NameCindy Burt

Entry DateMarch 29, 2017


Looking forward to meeting everyone at the Reunion.

Namekosta brindakis

Entry DateMarch 27, 2017


looking forward to seeing some old friends at the reunion .

NameRobert Millar

Entry DateMarch 4, 2017


I was an honor and privilege to serve my Country but upmost was a blessing to serve my unit, and stand with some of the greatest men in the world. So proud to say I served with the Hast & Per.

NameSteven Ueberschaer

Entry DateFebruary 10, 2017


My great great uncle Fredrick Ernest Punchard fought with The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment back in 1943 in Valguarnera, Sicily. As a child, i was always fascinated with the daring stories my grandfather told me about him. He was a brave man and i hope to soon visit him at the Agira Canadian War Cemetery in Sicily in the near future.

NameCharles Flynn

Entry DateFebruary 7, 2017


Many years ago I slept in the barracks in Belleville, Ontario as a new recruit in the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment. I have fond memories.

NameZach Ellis

Entry DateJanuary 24, 2017


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NameJackie McFee

Entry DateJanuary 16, 2017


Some of you may know me as Treasurer for the Association. I was fortunate enough to visit Sicily in 2005 and again with my family in 2013. Dad was a WWII veteran and we were pleased to be able to visit the places he had been.

NameCindy Burt

Entry DateNovember 17, 2016


Michael Szakszon. My Dad George Burt also serve with the Hasting and Prince Edward Regiment in WW2. Dad always shared his stories with us to make us aware of the horrors of war and that it must not happen again. Dad and Mom always attended the reunions in Bellville. and spoke very fondly of the reunions.

NameMax Fraser

Entry DateNovember 15, 2016


congratulations on the new website - looks very nice.
I don't get to Hasty P country very often but hope to do so sometime in 2017. I was last there a year ago, November 2015, to premiere my "Hasty P-centric" documentary "Bond of Strangers - The Operation Husky Story." I hope those who did not see it last year or get a DVD/Blu-ray were able to see it on TV last week. DVDs/Blu-rays still available at
Last month I went on another military history tour of Italy, where my dad (James T. Fraser) and so many other Hasty Ps fought. It was great getting back again to see the sites, make new acquaintances and renew old friendships with the local people.

NameMichael Blanchard

Entry DateNovember 11, 2016


i am the son of Sgt. Robert Benedict Blanchard, my father spoke very little of the war, but he was very proud of his service with the regiment. He was the first President of the Royal Canadian Legion in MacTier ON and was asked to lead Branch 407 on a number of other occasions. If there is anyone left who may have served with him. I would appreciate any information you may have about him.

Respectfully, Mike Blanchard

NameLaura Di Lello

Entry DateNovember 11, 2016


While in Ortona, Italy my husband, boys and I came across the headstone for Private G.E. Ott. He was killed at the age of 16. Today we remember him and all other Canadians who fought and died to allow freedom to reign.

The battle at Ortona is significant to my husband's family. They were living in the area at the time of the war. If not for soldiers like Private Ott, I may not have my husband or two boys today.

NameJohn Shifflett

Entry DateOctober 6, 2016

NameRoss Cossar

Entry DateSeptember 22, 2016


It certainly is great to have a Regimental web site available again. I have added it to my favorites for quick reference. Paratus!