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NameTammy Reid

Entry DateJune 12, 2019


Looking for information/Photos of Raymond Reid C121372 Hasty P
in WW11

NameChristy Bril

Entry DateMay 30, 2019


I'm wondering if anyone has info or pictures of my great grandfather private Derk Bril service number B46539.

NameAmanda Andrews

Entry DateMay 24, 2019


I wanted your Regiment to know that while governments may not always treat you with the respect you deserve, there are many in the civilian population that know and understand the sacrifices that you have made in pursuit of our freedom. For that I am eternally grateful and my hope is that you know how much you are respected for making the sacrifices that many people do not have the courage to make.

NameLawrence Malcolm

Entry DateMay 7, 2019


Trying to trace George T. Phelps service in ww2 . Gunner.

NameDarcy Murray

Entry DateFebruary 16, 2019


I see that Kim Chatterton was looking to info on her GGrandfather AA Kennedy. He was from Owen Sound and a Member of the Grey and Simcoe Foresters in the 1930s. In 1940 he arrived in England as a Captain and joined the Hasty P serving through the was rising to be Co Hasty P in Italy in 44. awarded DSO. returned home to Owen Sound in 45 and was appointed Co G&SF. Check out our facebook site.

NameTed Avery

Entry DateFebruary 9, 2019


Farley Mowat's book "The Regiment" brought me here. My father served with the reserves, The Lorne Scots, out of Port Credit, from 1933 to 1939, and then served with the regulars in Italy and the Netherlands throughout the 1939-45 years.

The Hasty P's were an incredible bunch it seems.


Entry DateDecember 21, 2018


Looking for info/photos of the old HPE Trumpet Band for a book on CF Bands.

NameCindy Burt

Entry DateDecember 19, 2018


Hi Polly Fraley I heard you are trying to trace you family who have served with us. Contact the Hastings and Prince Edward Regimental Museum in Belleville, Ontario. They have all the records of all who have served with us

NameToby Tylor

Entry DateNovember 25, 2018


A friend to the Regiment and pleased to have the opportunity to learn and serve the Regiment through historical studies.

NameBeverley Fox

Entry DateNovember 7, 2018

NameRick Allen

Entry DateOctober 15, 2018


I am seeking photos/info of the HPE Regimental Trumpet Band that was active in the 50's 60's for a project I am doing on CANADIAN MILITARY TRUMPET &BUGLE BANDS. If you could assist it would be most appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
Rick Allen
905 807 8236

NameStephen Hopkins

Entry DateOctober 7, 2018


My Regt! I served Canada as a Hasty Pee in 73-75, RCR 75-80, RCCS as lineman 1980-2014. I Love my Regt the Hasty Pees! My 1st love!

NameEdward Mullens

Entry DateSeptember 21, 2018


I was in the regiment 1975 to 1976, moved to Calgary in 1976 joined 14 Service Battalion where I met my wife Gail, just retired and will shortly be Volunteering at The Military Museum in Calgary.

Been to North Africa (Libya) where I visited commonwealth Cemetery in Tripoli where I paid tribute to some of our commands are buried there.

NameRay McGill

Entry DateAugust 7, 2018


test drive

NameSamantha Williamson

Entry DateJuly 24, 2018


My grandad was in the regiment during the war. He met and married my nan in the UK.


Entry DateJune 30, 2018


After reading the historical aspect of the 49th , I'm very proud to own a Snider Short Rifle 1872 with regimental marking on the stock 49 over 107 all complete with the original large leather sling mounted on the swivels It also as a marking on it : 48 with 3 large letters, After 1869 , the six companies of Stirling, Sidney,Madoc Melrose, Trenton, and Belleville formed a garrison Battery. My question is what does the 48 th stands for ? Any help would ,greatly be appreciated, BOB

NameRaymond Elliston

Entry DateApril 14, 2018


During WWII my father, WOII Herbert G. Elliston served with the Midland Regiment in Canada and the SD&G Highrs overseas. Post-war he rejoined the Midland Regt and became a Hasty P upon amalgamation. He was CSM of C Coy in Port Hope when I joined in 1959. I served in The Regiment until I joined the Regular Force in 1964. I had the distinct privilege of serving while Lt-Col Angus Duffy was the CO.

NameBrenda Potts

Entry DateMarch 25, 2018


Remembering my father in law, Daniel Ryan who was in Italy and could never talk about it.

NameJohn Cormier

Entry DateMarch 24, 2018

NameKim Chatterton

Entry DateFebruary 10, 2018


Have been doing some family tree research. My great grandfather Albert Arnett Kennedy was part of this regime I believe 1943 & 1944. He served with Farley Mowat and is in the book The Regiment. This is the first photo I have seen of him. Are there any other photos available there?

NameCindy Burt

Entry DateJanuary 26, 2018


NamePolly Fraley. I am a member of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regimental, Association and am a Historical Resercher the our Museum. You can contact the Hastings and Prince Edward Regimental Museum in Belleville Ontario and speak to John Keay or Jack who work at the Museum and they can direct you upstairs at the Armories. At the Armories they have current files on all the Hasty P's who have served and are serving. I filled in the blanks on Dad. Hope this helps

NameStephen CLANCY

Entry DateJanuary 11, 2018


Lost my Uncle James from Peterborough in October 1943,somewhere close to the Moro river battle,as I have now have found through the virtual war museum that he his buried there.Would have loved to have known him.Hope to visit him one day and pay my respects for his sacrifice.

Namechristy-lynn Bril

Entry DateJanuary 6, 2018


My great grandfather was part of the regiment private Derk T. Bril 1944-45 would really love to hear from anyone who knew him or has stories of him. I also want to thank all of the men and women who served to give us our freedom. Gone but never forgotten

NameKent Rowden

Entry DateJanuary 4, 2018


Served in unit from 79 to 80 then went into Reg Force ..Just checking in. I don't get down to Belleville often as I retired from the CF in Calgary. Proud to have been a Hasty Pee.
I found info on Frank Rowden who served in Italy and died September 1944. Not an immediate relative but likely connected somewhere. I kept getting asked if we were related when I was in the unit

NameRichard Newman-Jones

Entry DateDecember 26, 2017


For the interest of any former members, Richard Newman-Jones, formerly of Port Hope, passed away quietly on 22 December, 2017 in Ottawa, ON.

He was always a faithful supporter of The Hasty P's.. One of his favourite photos was of him at the Legion in Russell, ON wearing his beret.

His Obituary is at: