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NameMatthewBug MatthewBugDY

Entry DateJuly 25, 2020


NameA David Farnsworth

Entry DateJuly 12, 2020


Joined in Peterborough January 1976. My recruit course donated Little Chief Petawawa Much to the JR Mess.

NameCarol Beeton

Entry DateJune 14, 2020


I am the daughter of Walter Henry Beeton. On occasion he mentioned he was in the Hastie Pees. My dad passed away in 1978 and I am trying to find out more information about his service. Talking about the time he served in WWII seemed to be difficult for him.

My uncle (Morley Beeton) who served in the RCAF (as a Gunner) was also reluctant to talk about his service. It would be great to get any information on both of them especially my father.

NameMike Turgeon

Entry DateMay 15, 2020


My grandfather Thomas Micheal Santary was a member of 11 platoon B Company in the later part of the Second World War. He always had pride in his Regiment. As a proud Canadian I have pride in you as well. May god protect our soldiers

NameBrad Blower

Entry DateApril 30, 2020



NameMike McDonnell

Entry DateMarch 31, 2020


I am looking for any photograph of William James (Bill) McAlpine of Bancroft. He was a member of the regiment for a short period in July and August of 1940 before he joined the RCAF and became a bomber pilot. He was shot down and killed over Holland in 1943.
Kindly contact me if you have any information about Bill. He was a cousin of my mother. I am writing a biography of him.

NameHarshitha Harinarayana

Entry DateMarch 30, 2020


A brave soldier; Brant Lloyd Edwin ranked private served as part of your regiment in WW2. He came from Tyendinaga Reserve, in Deseronto, Ontario and he was part of the Sicily and Italy mission to take Ortona, during the time where he unfortunately died. December 14, 1943 marks his death and his grave can be found in Moro River, Italy. Coming from a secondary school named after a veteran, we take pride in individually searching about soldiers who haven't received recognition yet, and Brant Lloyd Edwin is one of them. If anyone knows more about him, please contact me at

NameBorkaTob BorkaTobIB

Entry DateMarch 23, 2020

NameHenry Bird

Entry DateFebruary 28, 2020


Paul Davis passed away on 16 Feb 2020 at the age of 84 in Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington Ontario. He had been a lieutenant in 'A' Coy at Trenton Armory during the late 1950's and early 60's and then adjutant at regimental HQ in Belleville armory in 1964>66.

NameStephen Nayler

Entry DateFebruary 19, 2020


My father Joseph James (JJ) Nayler from Madoc ON served with the Hasty P's in WWII, Sicily, Italy and Holland.

NameJodie Brand

Entry DateFebruary 12, 2020


My grandfather was one of the Hasty Ps.

NameDawn Scott

Entry DateJanuary 4, 2020


I attended my first New Year Levee at the armoury. I want to thank you for the warm greetings and hospitality. I would especially like to thank Captian Found for the extensive backgrounder on the history of the regiment. I would like to find out more about the Pioneers.

NameDoug Watson

Entry DateDecember 26, 2019


Looking for my grandfather regiment who served in ww1.He was from Peterborough, so I assumed he was the Hastings and prince Edward regiment. Is there a list of names for ww1 ?

NameDavid Paul Hasty P Hansen

Entry DateDecember 9, 2019


Sargent castell of ptbo hasty P has been given me issues about replacing my hasty p brete red one and badge and uniform but he forced today to call the honorable harjit sajjan minister defense himself told me tell this dang Sargent to give me anything I want as I truly appreciate want and get that green style brete replaced asap as colonel David Paul Hansen Canada veteran is totally seriously considering to tear him a new one with that tear in is Brette by his cloth badge as a Sargent castell in the new style of hastings prince Edward regiment reserves in Peterborough Ontario Canada on Murray street ptbo Ontario Canada my cellphone number is 705-957-8967

NameSean Crawford

Entry DateNovember 18, 2019


My Grandfather, Cpl. Robert Leo Wagar, served with the Regiment from 1939 to 1943. He was a member of Charlie company. Fortunately he fell gravely Ill and was transferred back to England to be hospitalized. Charlie company was of course completely wiped out. My Grandfather rejoined the Regiment in Holland.

He never talked about the war to any of us but I am the proud Grandson of a ploughing jockey.

NameJohn Berg

Entry DateOctober 28, 2019


Currently in Sicily - following Canadian battle route from Pachino to Adriano - using Mowat book and Ziegler book.
At Agira Canadian War Cemetery yesterday.
I am looking for grave site of Pvt A K Long - taken by Germans after being wounded.
Anyone have this detail?

NameImre Jamss Pallagi

Entry DateOctober 26, 2019

NameRoyal Frederick Barnaby

Entry DateSeptember 19, 2019


Looking for Roland Royal Barnaby (medical student) who was stationed in England during 1941.

NameJan Vos

Entry DateSeptember 11, 2019


I am looking for pictures of 4 brave men KIA in Liberation of Holland, April 1945. Names: 1.Pte Kenneth Orville O'MEARA; 2. Pte Herbert Pickle BROWN; 3. L/Cpl James Alexander McKAY and 4. Pte Andrew FURTO. The pictures I need for preparing a book concerning the Liberation Campaign in surroundings of Apeldoorn (Holland). Thank you very much for any help to find them. Yours Truly Jan Vos.

NameSGT.(Rtd) Daniel A Hannah

Entry DateAugust 20, 2019


My Father S/Sgt. Daniel F Hannah CD2 was a proud WW2 member of the Regt. I was very thankful to the Regt. for having a representative at his funeral. Post war he had a long service with the R.C.E. and I was born in Picton Ontario,another connection.

NameChris Dumont

Entry DateAugust 19, 2019


My Father, Simon Dumont was a native Algonquin who enlisted with the Hasty P's in 1942. He was part of the invasion of Sicily and Italy and was seriously wounded during the battle of Ortona. He recovered and fought bravely during the battle in northwest Europe, where he met my Mother in Holland after the war.

NameGwenyth Doonan/Saunders

Entry DateAugust 11, 2019


My Father was Pte Carl Max Doonan. I was only a few months old when he joined the Hasty Pees. I have a picture of his headstone in the Holten Cemetery. I would be greatful for the oportunity to go to visit the Holten Cemetery in the future. The only picture of him that I have is a group picture of his grade 12 High School Class.
Thank you for all the information provided.
Gwenyth Doonan/ Saunders

NamePaul Crober

Entry DateJuly 18, 2019


I am the HLCol of the CScotR on Vancouver Island. You have an excellent website and so it should be for such an excellent regiment. I have read Mowat's books on war and the regiment as well as Howard Graham's and enjoyed them immensely. Best of luck in future regimental endeavours!!

NameDuane Harvey

Entry DateJuly 17, 2019


I was in Italy to visit my son and generally sightsee. I made the point to spend the night in Ortona and visit the Moro River Cemetery on July 1st 2019. Having read Farley Mowat's book and growing up in Napanee it was humbling and awe inspiring to visit with my wife and oldest son.

Namebill bowen

Entry DateJuly 11, 2019


We will never forget them .