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The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment is one of Canada's most prestigious reserve infantry regiments. The current Commanding Officer is LCol Shawn McKinstry.

The Army Reserve (or Militia) has become a valued contributor to the Regular Force. Today Reservists are standing shoulder to shoulder with their Regular Force Peers, fighting the War on Terror. Farley Mowat captured it the best when he wrote, yet there was one hidden weapon; one ignored by most of those who calculated military strength, ignored by the government itself and yet a weapon infinitely more powerful, and ready than any in the official armoury It was called the Militia. No words have been spoken that are more true today. The Army Reserve is made up of citizen soldiers who train part-time at local armouries throughout the year and full-time (as their civilian employment permits) at military bases across Canada during the summer. Reserves also contribute to NATO deployments, and UN missions.

The Regiment forms part of 33 Canadian Brigade Group within Land Force Central Area/Joint Task Force Central. Regimental Headquarters is located in Belleville, Ontario with additional companies in Peterborough and Cobourg. . Training and Administration takes pace 1900-2200 on Tuesday nights and training 1900-2200 Thursday nights.

From it's modest beginnings as several local militia units in 1800 to being awarded more Battle Honours during WWII than any other Canadian Infantry Regiment, the Hasty Ps have served well and selflessly when called upon, always living up to the Regimental motto: PARATUS.... meaning 'ready' in Latin. After WWII, two war time Commanding Officers, went on to Command the Canadian Forces, Lieutenant General H. Graham, went on to become the Chief of the General Staff, and General J. Dextrase, who commanding the 2nd Bn Hast&PER as it prepared for Pacific duty went on to become the Chief of Defense Staff, and Major General J. Richardson went on to be the Chief Reserves and Cadets. The Regiment continually boasts among the highest turnouts for area readiness exercises, scores top marks for annual inspections and places many soldiers on overseas operations. The Regiment has trained and continues to train soldiers that serve with pride and distinction.

The Regiment was made famous in Farley Mowat's historical book, The Regiment. Captain Mowat served as a platoon commander and later as an intelligence officer for the regiment. Farley,put pen to paper, and the finish product, was the world acclaimed book, The Regiment. Since then, the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment has been the subject of many books.

The Regiment stands ready to defend the citizens of Canada.

Commanding Officer

Past Commanding Officers
Past RSMs
Past Honourary Colonels

1911 2009

Regimental Armouries:
220 Murray St., Peterborough, Ontario Tel: 705-740-7400
187 Pinnacle St., Belleville, Ontario Tel: 613-966-2100
210 Willmott St, Cobourg, Ontario Tel: 905-373-6900
Feel free to contact The Regiment at any of the above numbers or send email to the appropriate address below. Please do not send protected or confidential documents. This material should be personally delivered to the BOR. The Regiment does NOT hold military service records. People wishing to find or access such records may find the information on the National Archives web site.
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